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Anthony Salazar developed his skill in the art of magic at a very young age and has since made this part of show business his life’s work. Anthony was born in the Philippines, and at the age of ten, moved to America where he would soon discover a book that would open his world to art of magic.  

At 13, he moved to a town with a nearby magic shop where he would spend hours every day learning his craft.  After high school, he started performing full-time professionally and never looked back.  He would go on to perform his carefully blended combination of comedy, illusions, and award-winning sleight-of hand for thousands. He also works as a magic consultant for commercials and television shows. 

Anthony has the ability to connect with crowds from Baby Boomers to Gen-Z.  His onstage personality is a combination of a slight edge and likability that wins over the hearts of audiences anywhere.

He now performs regularly in casinos, resort, and theaters all over the world.

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